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Elemental Alignment

Professional Massage Therapy Services

What Can Massage Help With?

Relief From Chronic Pain

Old injuries often leave behind residual tension and stiffness in the soft tissues, which can contribute to chronic pain.


Precisely targeting the soft tissues of the muscular and fascial systems helps release these tensions, improve circulation, and promotes lasting pain relief.  

Improve Recovery Time

Are you serious about your fitness and want to get back to your goals as soon as possible?  


Massage has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by promoting circulation, making your recoveries more efficient and effective.  

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Life can be incredibly stressful, and if you don’t actively manage it, that stress builds up in your body, leading to more serious problems over time. 


Through the touch of another, we can let go of that accumulated tension and come back to a state of balance and well-being.   

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are caused by the soft tissue in our scalp, neck, or shoulders being over active due to stress, poor posture, or trigger points that wont release.

Through applying fascial release and trigger point therapy techniques, I have been able to help my patience find lasting relief from tension headaches..  


Tara Zhang - Business Woman / Dancer

Aaron's command of human anatomy and how it reacts to movement and injury is absolutely exceptional. He's truly the most knowledgeable massage therapist I've ever met. I've gone to him twice. He was able to help me understand which ligament / muscle was injured - how it was injured and what I need to watch out for - and he set expectations for my healing journey that in hindsight were spot on. I recommend him to all my friends.

Kara Foran - Athlete 

I've seen Aaron twice now, and each time he has helped me in a way I don't think other massage therapists could have.
He's very physically intuitive, calm, respectful, and a great communicator. I would recommend Aaron to anyone for a general appointment or one that focuses on pain or an injury, and beyond. He has an innate talent plus an affect that pairs well with it and I'm grateful I found him as a resource. I'm really active, doing active things with varying intensity about 5 times a week. Sometimes things pop up in our bodies and it's a gift to have someone help you relieve pain holistically when you don't know what's going on even after trying on your own to do the "right" things.

Jordan Smith - Personal Trainer

As a fellow anatomy and physiology nerd, I am impressed with Aaron's adept knowledge of the human body and his skill and abilities as a massage therapist. I have had some great massages with him and the best part is that he communicates with you throughout the process (if you want him to), and makes sure he's getting the right areas. I also appreciate seeing his wheels turning as he's troubleshooting different approaches to your issues. I will be seeing him again; time and money well worth spent!


Hi, I’m Aaron.  I believe the best work anyone can do is the work you do for others. 


My biggest passion in life has been to learn how things work. 


Our bodies are an intricate series of balances… From the push & pull of muscles around our joints, to the fascial network that wraps around our bodies and give us structure, to the all the physiological & neurological balances that maintain homeostasis within our bodies—every aspect has balances to maintain and rhythms to coordinate.


My curiosities for learning high quality, evidence-based techniques allows me to offer my clients the best care for soft-tissue issues related to pain management, sports recovery, and post-surgical rehab.  

My mission is to educate my clients and help them along whatever journey they’re on.  Whether you’re recovering from an injury, living with chronic pain, or training to reach a goal, I want to help you progress and reach your optimal performance. 

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Sports Massage



If you're looking for relief from a chronic pain in a specific area, book a Sports Massage session





Lymphatics is for those who are looking to reduce swelling and bring back healthy tissue function


Full Body



This option is for anyone looking to have a full mind-body reset

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